The results are in from the historic EU referendum and, contrary to what the polls and bookies had predicted, the United Kingdom has voted to Leave the European Union.

This has already triggered a sell-off in the stock markets around the globe and Sterling has fallen to its lowest level against the dollar for over 30 years.

What lies ahead of us, with certainty, is uncertainty. The long-term impact on the integrity of the United Kingdom, its place in the world and in Europe, are impossible to forecast at this stage, but what we do know and can expect in the short to medium term is a prolonged period of volatility in financial markets which can present a risk to capital – but also opportunity.

We are contacting our investment and pension clients today to provide them with the opportunity to review their investment positions.

We understand that the referendum result will cause a great deal of concern to some clients. We always aim to provide a first class service to all of our clients, through good times and through bad times, and to will do our utmost to guide clients through the times ahead of us.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact your Cambrian adviser.