Invest now to Increase your Future Income

If you’re tired of Cash ISAs and savings accounts with little or no return, it might be time to look at an investment. Rather than leaving your money dormant, and missing out on growth opportunities, why not let our trained experts assist you to make informed investment decisions.

No matter how much or how little risk you wish to take, our advisers will recommend an investment suited to your income needs.

What’s the risk?

Our advisers will be guided by your attitude towards risk and your needs and circumstances in determining how much investment risk you take. Whether you want a low, medium or high level risk investment, our advisers will only recommended investments with a level of risk you are comfortable with.

The level of risk you take will ultimately be reflected in your return. A low level risk can be expected to yield lower returns than the same amount being invested into a high risk investment over the long term.

I just want a safe investment. Is that possible?

We cannot say that any investment is a “safe” investment as the return is based on the performance of the underlying investments which will include Stocks & Shares, Government Bonds and Property, which rise and fall on a daily basis. When you buy and sell will also determine your return because of rising and falling prices. What we can guarantee is that if you leave your money in the bank, you will be sacrificing any prospect of capital growth.

Living costs are set to continue to rise in future years, generating inflation in the economy. If the rate of return on the cash in your bank is lower than the rate of inflation, the purchasing power of the pound in your pocket is effectively being eroded by inflation. Over the long term the effects of this can be devastating. Investments have, on the other hand, historically beaten inflation and kept pace with the changing cost of living.

Change the way you think about Saving

You have probably heard the expression “Cash is King”. In the short term, this is true. If you require money for short-term spending needs, or need to draw on funds in the short-term for emergencies, you should ensure you have enough cash aside for these reasons.

Over the longer term, however, the benefits are outweighed by one big negative – you guessed it, inflation. If you’re saving for the long term, for example for your retirement, or your children’s University education, or you simply have surplus cash on deposit after you’ve provided for your short-term needs, you should be thinking about investments.

What to think about before you invest?

When planning to invest, you need to consider the following factors to ensure that investment is the best solution for you:

How much you want to save.

  • Whether you’re investing a single lump sum or regular payments.
  • The length of time you’d like to save and invest over.
  • How much access you need to the money you’ve invested.
  • How you plan to use the money you earn from your investments.

Once you have identified these aspects and how you wish to approach your investment, we can aid you to make a decision that’s right for you.

What can Cambrian do for you?

As Independent Financial Planners, we can recommend investments from the whole of market and select those which best match your requirement for income, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Everything we do is geared towards managing your finances to provide you with long term financial security.

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