Our Services

We provide holistic, independent, face-to-face financial advice for individuals, businesses and Trusts on investments, savings, retirement planning, non-investment insurance and mortgages. We also strive to “add value” and offer advice on wills and taxation.*

We are totally client-focused.

Our goal is to take you from your current situation to the achievement of your financial objectives and to provide independent advice of the highest quality to all clients.

We strive to exceed customer expectations.  This can be a long process which requires expert initial advice and continued monitoring and servicing over the years. At our initial consultation, which will be provided at our cost, we will provide you with and explain our Client Agreement and Service Brochure, establish your financial objectives and discuss the cost of our services and how this can be met.

Following our initial consultation, we will prepare a report for you based on discussions with you and our research. This will summarise your situation, needs and objectives and our recommendations.

The next stage is to implement our recommendations.

Over time, your circumstances and objectives may change, as will the political and economic situation and taxation rules, which is why it’s important to maintain an ongoing relationship to amend and adapt your financial plan to changing circumstances.

Our advisers will discuss with you the levels of ongoing services we provide.

*Please note that our wills and taxation services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.