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Pension Freedoms: six months on

23rd October 2015

It has been six months since the door opened to pension freedoms.


Is it time to fix your mortgage rate?

The UK’s core interest rate has now been at a historic low of 0.50% for six years, and opinion is still divided on when rates are likely to rise.


Opportunity or threat from market volatility?

The leading FTSE 100 index has had a volatile year, reaching record highs of over 7,100 in April, coming down from those highs to fall below 6,000 in September, before a brief rally saw the index recover to just over 6,400 in recent weeks.

So does the recent volatility represent an opportunity, or a threat?


Should you top-up your State Pension?

From 12th October, men born before 6th April 1951 and women born before 6th April 1953 can now top up their State Pensions.


Important information about your pension Annual Allowance if you earn over £150,000 a year

The pension annual allowance is the limit applied to total gross contributions that can be paid into a pension scheme each year for tax purposes. It applies across all schemes you belong to. If you exceed the pension annual allowance you won’t receive tax relief on contributions above the allowance, and you will have to pay an annual allowance tax charge on the excess.

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