Protecting the state pension for stay-at-home parents

14th February 2019

An issue concerning how the high income child benefit charge (HICBC) can potentially affect stay-at-home parents has emerged.

The HICBC claws back child benefit payments where either parent has income over £50,000 a year, and removes the benefit entirely if either parent has income over £60,000. For couples where one person earns over £60,000 whilst the other stays at home to look after children, it can appear that it is not worth claiming a benefit that is completely withdrawn.


Happy birthday to tax-free savings

8th February 2019

The arrival of the new tax year on 6 April means it is time to consider your Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) investments, which will celebrate their 20th birthday in April.

Over the last 20 years, the maximum annual contribution has risen from £7,000 per tax year to £20,000 for 2019/20. If you managed to set aside the maximum each tax year since 1999/2000, you would now have placed over £205,000 into ISAs and largely out of HMRC’s reach.


Shake up your New Year’s resolutions

21st January 2019

The time to resolve has returned.

Have your New Year resolutions fallen by the wayside yet? You know, the ones about eating better, drinking less and exercising more. The problem is they all require you to make a change to your lifestyle, which is never easy, particularly in the dark days of mid-winter.


Autumn Budget 29th October 2018

30th October 2018

Autumn Statement


The Chancellor, Philip Hammond’s last budget before Brexit in March 2019. This budget was hailed as an end to austerity where the Government loosened the purse strings for the first time in ten years. Here are some of the most relevant highlights; (more…)

Losing Interest in Cash ISA’s

12th October 2018

The popularity of cash ISAs is continuing to wane, according to new statistics from HMRC. With inflation persistently above interest rates, it’s not hard to imagine why.

The bank of England recently increased the interest rate to 0.75%, but inflation was 2.7% in August 2018. This means, if you are holding cash in an ISA or considering topping up an existing account, you need ask yourself two questions: (more…)

A Merger That Should Please Everyone

13th August 2018

We are delighted to announce that, with effect from July 18th, SG Holding and Partners merged with Cambrian Chartered Financial Planners. Bill & Helen Dalling will retire in due course, as will Ralph Patterson. Both Bill & Ralph are working strenuously to ensure that the handover goes ahead as smoothly as possible. (more…)

Changes Proposed to Residential Property Letting

13th August 2018

The Finance Bill 2018/19 draft legislation published just before the summer holidays has confirmed the following measures: (more…)

We are recruiting – Experienced Paraplanner required

19th June 2018


The Company 

Cambrian Associates Ltd trading as Cambrian Chartered Financial Planners was originally founded in 1973 and the original Principal, Roger Taylor, is still the Managing Director. We are the largest firm of Charted Financial Advisers in North Wales with income from commission and fees in 2018 likely to exceed £4 million.  (more…)

Interest rates are still pegged to rise this year, despite being held in May

11th June 2018

The Bank of England did not raise interest rates in May, despite earlier suggestions that it would.


Privacy Notice – How we handle your data

18th May 2018

In line with the General Data Protection Regulation we have updated our Privacy Notice.

Our Privacy Notice is included in our Client Agreement but it can also be found under the documents section of our website.

To read our Privacy Notice you can follow this link –